Is it important to sort used brass? | 386-341-4286

Please be aware using identical cartridge cases is a big deal for shooters. But it is also important to anyone else concerned with improving groups by tenths or even hundredths of inches. Arguing the point of meticulous sorting by size, weight, concentricity among other factors is essential for maximum accuracy.

It is important to divide brass by who made the brass and the caliber it is meant for. You can go one step further and understand it was a self-defensive brass vs. one that is not. Prior to sorting brass, it is important to get your used brass off the floor at the gun range because it can easily get damaged. Outdoor gun ranges are worse for used brass collection because of the dirt on the ground and possible non-sunny day weather conditions. I recommend swiping up after each time you shoot but that is if you are OCD like I am.

If you are not focused on sorting the brass you could be looking at targets that are off by inches.  Being sloppy about brass is a sure way to hinder your enjoyment during the plinking, hunting, or competitive shooting outing. | 386-341-4286 | | |

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