Tumbling is considered to be more efficient to the brass cleaning process because it saves a lot of time.
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Tumble Cleaning Brass

Did you know that dry tumbling can clean and polish your brass? It is a very old plus tried and true method of cleaning brass used by shooters for generations. Tumbling will clean your brass very well and you don’t need to worry about drying the brass.

The basic idea is that you fill a vibrating bowl or drum with cleaning “media” and add your brass to the vibrating bowl. After a couple of hours of vibration, your brass will be shiny.  Why? Well, the friction rubs the dirt and stains off of the brass and it comes out pretty clean and shiny. Some of my friends use dryer sheets to help collect some of the dirt so the cleaning media lasts longer.

My experienced reloaders will openly tell you that the downside of the tumble method is that the dirt particles have to go somewhere and that somewhere is that it sticks to the cleaning media. So you may spend more on having to change out your media frequently.

CAUTION… You will need to make sure all the bits of cleaning media are out of the cartridge cases before reloading. Some dry tumblers allow the media drain out, leaving mostly brass, but not all do – so be careful. Also, you can invest in a separator that lets the cleaning media drain into a bucket.

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