If you want to be reloader – you need this piece of equipment.

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The good news is there is a lot of choices for reloading presses.  The average quality reloading press costs about $150 and up, but you can find them for a little less if you are a bargain hunter.  Either you can get started with a very simple and inexpensive single-stage (or even hand operated) reloading press to a high-end model. Once again, you will need this to progress with reloading your own ammo. Remember, it may seem like a big investment but just add up your ammo receipts for the last 3 times you went to the range…you will see that it will save you tons of money in the future.

So many new shooters to reloading ask me – what type of reloading press do I need to get started? I always suggest starting with a single stage press. Single stage means the press does one thing at a time.  While it’s more tedious, a single stage press is simple to learn, forgiving, and most important inexpensive for a someone who is just getting started in reloading.

Using a single stage press, you’ll load in batches. That means you’ll resize all your cases first, then prime them all secondly, then add powder afterward, then seat the bullet and finally crimp all of the cases.  Think of a reloading press like a panini press. Sorry, every time I think our a press I think of food.  Well you know, the panini press is where you dump the sandwich in it and press a big lever, so it comes out like a hot tasty treat. Like the Panini Press, a reloading press is just a device that uses mechanical advantage to squish things together. But, keep in mind I never eat my ammo stuff….okay so that was a bad joke.

Here are some things you can use with a reloading press:

1 – Press a brass case against a decapping pin to push out the old primer.

2 – Press a casing into a resizing die that jams the brass back into its original dimensions.

3 – Press a new primer into the now empty primer pocket.

4 -Press the casing against an expanding die that opens the mouth just a tad so you can insert a new bullet.

5 – Press the bullet down into the casing.

6 – Crimp the casing around the bullet to remove the bell from the expansion step.

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