A powder scale is an absolute necessity in reloading and it is just as important as a reloading press.
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Trust me when I say shooting a gun with ammo that has something wrong with the charging cartridges can be very dangerous.  Remember that either too little or too much powder in a charging cartridge is dangerous to you and those around you at the range!

Okay, so there are two types of Powder scales: beam and electronic. The sale prices range from $30 to $300 depending on your budget and how precise you want to get. You can get a decent beam scale in the $60 to $90 range. Some of the newer electronic scales dip down to as low as $30, but of course, if you don’t want the cheapest made on the market there is a broad variety of good ones for an average price of $125 plus.

Traditional beam scales never need batteries and always work. Electronic scales do the same as the traditional ones only they need batteries – so I recommend keeping a second set around for larger reloading projects. But either way, you need a powder scale and both beams and electronic ones work fine for most new reloaders.

So why bother measuring powder anyway?  Various ammo reloading recipes use weight measurements for the amount of powder required. Everyone that has been reloading for awhile knows that powder is measured in units of grains, which is  1/7,000th of a pound.  My friends are telling that some basic reloading kits provide scoops of different sizes to measure powder, but this method will always be less precise than weighed measures.

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