Gun Show Schedule

Why not come visit us at Gun Show?

We love visiting gun shows and meeting our clients in person at them.  Some of our clients live and work far away from our store, so this allows us a chance to meet with them in person.  If you not aware, we offer a NRA Reloading Class with a NRA-Certified Instructor. It is a vital step for a prospective reloader.   Please note, we are located in the Daytona Beach area and we  have students that have travelled more than 200 miles to attend these classes, returning home with confidence in their ability to perform all reloading tasks with a strong safety foundation. So we are available at our store all time but we look forward to seeing you at the next gun show!

Our Gun Show Schedule

November 2017

Gun Show – Location – Date – Other Useful Information

December 2017

Gun Show – Location – Date – Other Useful Information

January 2018

To Be Announced

February 2018

To Be Announced

Frequently Asked Questions We Have Been Asked At Gun Shows…


Q. Do I actually save 10% or more when I use the online store?

A. For the vast majority of the items you can find on the online store, the answer is yes. There may be some items that just do not work out to 10%; however, we cannor sell things for less than we pay for them. Reality stinks at times.


Q. Are you the lowest price?

A. Not always. Many sellers offer items that are “Loss Leaders,” that they know they will make little or no profit on. They want to draw buyers into their physical or online store, hoping they can sell you more items when you visit. We will keep our eyes on prices, and give you the best prices possible.


Q. Why are your in-store prices higher than your online prices?

A. Our in-store prices reflect the expense to operate a physical store. Rent, insurance, electricity, and all the other expenses and fees make the cost of doing business in the physical store much higher than online selling, and the prices reflect that. Again, reality stinks!


Q. When I look at some items, the prices are less than the 10% savings you speak of. What about them?

A. A number of manufacturers set what is called a Minimum Advertized Price (MAP), that prevents dealers from advertizing a price lower than the manufacturer sets. If the price on the item page is less than 10% off the MSRP, put the item in your cart, then go to checkout to discover the price we are charging. You can always remove an item from your cart.


Q. How are shipping costs determined?

A. We intend to have many distributors inventories in the online store, and most online sales are direct-shipped from their warehouses. We cannot control their shipping costs.


Q. Is there any way to reduce shipping costs?

A. If you can come to the store, you can have the order shipped to us. We will call you when it arrives, and the shipping is on us! That’s right – we pay for the shipping if you have your purchases sent to the store.


Q. I do not live close enough to go to the shop. Can you help me reduce the shipping costs?

A. Possibly. We use USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day for all our shipping. If your purchase can fit in either a USPS padded envelope, or a small USPS Box, we can ship it for $7.50. For anything larger, direct shipping from the distributor’s warehouse will be less expensive.

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