Q. Why should I buy from you?

A. The best reason is the personal attention our customers experience and our continuing Customer Service. Looking for a reloading press? We provide an opportunity to learn about your options in press selection that will meet your needs, as well as willingness to offer after-sale support for any problems you may encounter when using your equipment.

While we do not offer bullet load suggestions, but we will guide you to sources of that information. Broken or damaged equipment? Where possible we will contact manufacturers to find solutions. We’re local, we’re available, and we want to help in all possible ways.

Q. What items do you sell?


We have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to sell weapons. We sell new and previously-owned firearms for local friends who want to reduce their collections. We also sell all brands of reloading equipment and supplies: presses, powder, primers, projectiles, metallic cases, and more. We carry all leading brands, including Accurate, Alliant Berry’s Bullets, CCI, Dillon, Federal, Hornady, IMR, Lee, Lyman, Ramshot, RCBS, Redding, Shooter’s World, Speer, Vihtavuori, Winchester. At present we stock over 160 different gunpowders.

Q. I can find lower pricing in online stores. Will you price match?

A. Many sellers buy in larger quantities than we can, and will offer items that reflect their lower costs. While they are willing to sell for less than the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) on certain items, they are depending on you purchasing items that are at MSRP, increasing their overall profit. In most cases we can’t match the “featured item” prices.


We’re a local “Mom and Pop” store. While we don’t have great buying power,  we keep our eyes on prices. Folks can’t shoot if it is too expensive. We offer the best prices possible, often a slight bit lower than MSRP, but we do need to make enough to keep the doors open.


Q. Are your in-store prices higher than your online prices?


A. No. Our prices reflect the expense to operate our business. Rent, electricity, insurance, and all the other expenses and fees make our cost of doing business the same for both walk-in and electronic visitors.


Q. How are shipping costs determined?


A. Our preferred shipping method is USPS Priority Mail. A medium box at this time is around $13.50 and can weigh up to 70 pounds, including packaging. Some items, such as reloading presses, are much too large to send through the mail. In those cases, we will use either FedEx or UPS, and that cost can only be determined when checking out.


Q. Do you ship weapons, gunpowder or primers?


A. We can ship and receive weapons in accordance with BATFE regulations. As to gunpowder and primers, not at this time, although we should begin shipping them shortly after we are qualified by FedEx or UPS. Remember that gunpowder requires HAZMAT handling at the cost of $28.00 up to 50 pounds.


Q. Is there any way to reduce shipping costs?


A. You can take advantage of our free Local Pickup option.


Q. I live close enough to come to the store to visit. When I look at stock levels, how do I know if that item will be in stock when I arrive?


A. If you see that an item has only a few in stock, order and pay for it through this website. We will pull your item from the sales floor and pack it for you. All you need to do then is come in and pick it up.


Q. I do not live close enough to go to the shop. Can you help me reduce the shipping costs?


A. Possibly. We attend 6-12 Gun Shows each year, generally in the Central Florida region. We will post the locations and dates when our schedule is locked in. As above, make the purchase and we will bring your order to the show. This is a good way to ensure the item is not sold before you arrive at the show. We do ask for a 10-day lead time, so we can order and receive low stock items before the show.

Welcome to Southeast Reloading Supplies new website. The products and services available are growing continually, and we're working to make this website more and more user-friendly as we go. We hold a Federal Firearms License, selling firearms and accepting transfers. We also sell reloading equipment and supplies at reasonable prices, with great support services. Please enjoy your visit, and come and visit or shop. Dismiss